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The 1st Delaware Regiment would be one of the finest uniformed and equipped units in the newly formed Continental Army.  Here is what the regiment had to assist them while on campaign:



The canteen is as vital as the cartridge box.  The canteen is made of wood or tin and should always be full of water when in the field.  Wood canteens are typically painted red. 



A haversack is another important part of a soldiers accouterments.  Here, one can put all of their sundry items, mess kit (cup, plate, bowl, fork, spoon, and knife), and anything else needed while on campaign (personal items such as spectacles, writing paper, ink, and pen or pencil, a book or letters, etc.)  Haversacks are made of white or natural colored linen.  


Knapsacks are extremely important for soldiers while on campaign as this was where they would carry a blanket and extra clothing. 

Having these three accouterments are the basic equipment for all soldiers of the 1st Delaware Regiment. 



Cartridge Box

The cartridge box held between 18-24 rounds of ball and powder.  The box itself is made of wood and covered with black leather and a white strap. 


Bayonet or Sword Scabbard

In addition to the three above the private soldier would also carry a bayonet and that means a scabbard for it.  For officers, this instead was a sword and a sword scabbard. 


Tomahawks or Camp Hatchets

In addition to the above, tomahawks are listed in returns of the regiment.  It also appears that tomahawks were at times given to one in every 10 soldiers.  At other times, it appears that every soldier is equipped with a tomahawk.  This further adds to the reputation of the regiment and also may be an indicator for why they were called to do such special duties from time to time for the Continental Army.


Musicians Accouterments

Musicians in the Continental Army did not typically carry arms as compared to their British counterparts who at times were armed.  I guess you didn’t complain in the British Army if you didn’t like the music!  But for musicians, they would carry the accouterments/tools to their musical instrument.  A fifer would have a fife case and most likely carry their music notes in their haversack or pocket.  A drummer, on the other hand, would have a pouch for their drumsticks.  Carrying their drum they could easily put a cloth over their drumhead and have an instant place setting to sit and eat.


No matter the role one plays in the regiment, the primary three of a canteen, haversack, and a knapsack are vital in carrying the necessary items for travel and survival while on campaign.  One’s additional accouterments are important to one’s specific function and help distinguish them within the regiment.


Now that you have read about the accouterments that the 1st Delaware Regiment utilized, check out the uniform page, if you have not yet, and see how not only was the regiment well equipped, but also was the envy of the Continental Army with their blue faced red regimentals!



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