Calendar Of Events​

Calendar of Events for 2021:

Important Notice: We're back!  Please see our revised scheduled for 2021.  Please note that some events are still tentative and can be cancelled due to the Covid-19 virus local and state requirements.  We very much look forward to getting back to providing living history as often as we can in a safe and secure manner for all of us! 


To the public: If you are not able to make any of our events in person, feel free to check out our website here and also our YouTube Channel.  See link below.

List of Events – 2021:


*March 27th - Annual Regiment Meeting (Members and invited guests only)


April 17th - Tavern Night at Thornbury Farm (LH) - Fundraiser - Open to public - 6-9pm

April 18th - Skirmish at Thornbury Farm (R/T)

April 22nd-25th – Fort Frederick Market Fair, Big Pool, MD – Largest Colonial Shopping Event Each Year – Lots of Fun -  Cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns


April 30th - May 2nd - Mount Vernon, VA (R/T)

May 15th - Revolutionary War Day at Fort Loudon, PA (LH)

May 21st - Jacobsburg, PA (R/T)


June 6th - Iron Hill Archaeological Festival - Newark, PA (LH) - Cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns

June 12th - Separation Day - New Castle, DE (LH) - Cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns


June 25th - 27th - Colonial Market Fair at Fort Loudon, PA (All Meet & Shop!)


June 26th - Tavern Night at Fort Mifflin - Philadelphia, PA (LH)


*July 3rd - National Constitution Center - Philadelphia, PA (LH)


*August 8th - Live Shoot at SLCSFA - Quarryville, PA (Live Shoot)

August 14th - Pulaski Presentation at historic Hale-Byrnes House in Stanton, DE (A&E)

August 28th - Battle of Brooklyn/Long Island - Brooklyn, NY (LH)


*September 4th - Cooch's Bridge Ceremony at Pencader Heritage Center - Newark, DE (LH)

September 10th - Occupy Kennett Square - Kennett Square, PA (LH)

*September 11th - Battle of Brandywine at Chadds Ford Historical Society - Chadds Ford, PA (R/T)

September 11th - Battle of Brandywine / 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony - Chadds Ford, PA (LH)

September 12th - Lafayette's Birthday Celebration at historic Hale-Byrnes House - Stanton, DE (LH)

September 24th - 26th - Prelude to Yorktown at Chippokes Plantation State Park, VA (R/T)


October 2nd - Battle of Germantown - Germantown, PA (LH)

*October 15th - 17th - Fort Loudon, PA (R/T) - Event not open to the public

October 24th - Fort Mercer - Red Bank, NJ (R/T)


*November 12th - 14th - Battle of Hobkirks Hill - Camden, SC (R/T)

November 20th - Siege of Fort Mifflin - Philadelphia, PA (LH)


December 4th - Hale-Byrnes House - Open House - Stanton, DE (LH)

*December 5th - Washington Crossing the Delaware - Washington Crossing, PA (R/T)

December 12th - Battle of Cedar Bridge - Cedar Bridge, NJ (R/T)

* = Maximum Attendance Event

Types of Events:

R/T = Reenactment or Tactical 

LH = Living History

CG = Color Guard

Live Shoot = Live Shoot at a Local Range

Music = Musicians only or Musician Led Event

A&E = Awareness & Education

All Meet = All Members Meeting

Off Meet = Officers Meeting