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Rank and File

We are now in our 11th full year and we have gone from just 2 initial members, to 10 in the beginning of our first full year, then to 25, to 45 to 50 and now 70+ members! 


Chris Mlynarczyk

President/Commander - Chris Mlynarczyk is a University of Delaware 1993 graduate with a BAAS in History, primarily US history, philosophy, and political science.  Chris also was an Air Force ROTC cadet for all four years at the University of Delaware.  Chris attended Nankai University in Tianjin, China in 1992 as part of a study abroad program.  Chris is a former USAF officer, having proudly served at Griffiss AFB in Rome, NY and then McGuire AFB in Wrightstown, NJ.  Chris worked with regular and special munitions with B-52 bombers while at Griffiss AFB and then with C-141 cargo and KC-10 air refueling aircraft at McGuire AFB.  Chris also worked with the Air Force Office of Special Investigation (OSI) while stationed at McGuire AFB.  He has worked in the investment management industry since leaving the Air Force in 1996.  


Chris was elected President of the 1st Delaware Regiment in January 2012 for a one year term and then again in February 2013 for a three year term and then again in February 2016 for another three year term.  Chris has always been fascinated with colonial America and looks forward to pursuing his research on the American Revolution and Delaware.  Chris is also a member of the Company of Military Historians, the George Washington Society of Delaware, and the American Legion.  He is also a board member of the historic Hale-Byrnes House and of the Delaware Military Heritage Education and Association.  Lastly, Chris has accumulated a small library of books, maps, etc. primarily related to Delaware in the Revolutionary War.  Chris always looks forward to being at 1st Delaware Regiment events and helping to educate the public and preserve Delaware’s history.

Field Commander - Blaise Glowiak is a native Delawarean.  


Jeff Gibson

Vice President / Safety Officer - Jeffrey Gibson. Jeff has always had a passion for history.  Jeff and his family have been reenactors now since August 2014 - all with the 1st Delaware Regiment.  Jeff and his wife of 20+ years, Alicia, have two daughters, and all four of them participate with the 1st Delaware Regiment.  As a family they like to travel.  Jeff’s hobbies include visiting historic places such as battlefields, taverns, and museums from all eras.  Jeff has had the opportunity to attend a few Revolutionary War Conference Round Tables; participated in discussions while there and attended many lectures or speeches on various topics from history in his spare time.  Jeff loves to read especially nonfiction history, fiction such as fantasy, espionage or historical fiction.  He usually reads about four books at a time. To date Jeff has read well over 20 books on just the Revolutionary War alone.  In his travels so far Jeff and family have gone to Boston and have walked the Patriots Trail in its full length; visited Lexington and Concord; participated at Stony Point, NY and Fort Ticonderoga, NY reenactment events.  As a family, they have also participated at Guilford Courthouse, NC and Brattonsville, SC. When not traveling Jeff and family like to relax at home by playing board games, watching movies, or listening to music.  Jeff especially loves hard rock and heavy metal.  When not doing any of these things Jeff and family are taking care of their Saint Bernard named Diesel or going for walks nearby.  Most people like the beach but Jeff and family prefer the mountains and solitude.  Jeff has also hiked parts of the Appalachian Trail with his family.

Good day to you!.jpg

Treasurer -  Linzi Hamilton grew up in Northeast Ohio but has lived in central Delaware since 2011. She is a graduate of Kent State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. She currently works as the Manager of Systems & Training for Highmark Delaware and lives on a farm with her husband and son. Linzi is an avid reader who enjoys American history and cooking. She joined the 1st Delaware Regiment in 2019 and very much enjoys participating in the living history events. Linzi considers Delaware her home and looks forward to educating the community about the local history and this monumental period in the story of America.

Secretary - Sheri Gidick

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