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Sat, Apr 15


New Castle Court House Museum

Tavern Night / Peace Celebration in New Castle - 2023

This is an event for us and it will entail the ending of the Revolution and will focus on food and beverages of the time period. It's a grand 18th century party!

Registration is Closed
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Tavern Night / Peace Celebration in New Castle - 2023
Tavern Night / Peace Celebration in New Castle - 2023

Time & Location

Apr 15, 2023, 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM

New Castle Court House Museum, 211 Delaware St, New Castle, DE 19720, USA


About the event

Location: 211 Delaware Street, New Castle, DE 19720

Event Coordinator - This is hosted by the Civilians led by Heloise Osborn.  Huzzah!


The event is scheduled for Saturday April 15, 2023, from 5pm-9pm. Setup is from 4pm-5pm.  Please come in period attire. This is a great opportunity to wear your finery! In April 1783 there was a peace celebration on the New Castle Green. We like to celebrate the end of the war as they did back then!  

This event is all about Fellowship, Fun, and the Food and Bbeverages of the Period!

18th Century Civilian clothing preferred. If you only have military clothing, please wear it but drop the rank and insignia as the war is over!

No weapons will be permitted at this event. No sidearms, firearms, swords, daggers, dirks, etc.

The event is a potluck. We are asking for participants to bring a period inspired dish or beverage. You can sign up using the link below to indicate what you are bringin. If you have questions or need help finding a recipe, please don't hesitate to reach out! Many of us in the Regiment have period cookbooks and are happy to help inspire you!

Link to sign up for the potluck:

Notes: This event will entail the ending of the Revolution and will focus on food and beverages of the time period.  This is our event and we are having a party!  It is by invitation only - for reenactors - as all participants must be in period attire.  The official party will go from 5pm-9pm.  We currently have the New Castle Court House reserved along with a large tent and 1-2 firepits will be setup on the New Castle Green to assist us in cooking/prepping the meals.  


New Castle Court House - The New Castle Court House will be setup and represent what it is still - the Court House.  We will move the benches to the sides to allow for as much room as possible.  Here in this area will be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages along with hors d'oeuvres.  The Court House will also  be setup as much as possible to be a period Tavern for the night.  Here there will be main courses of food served and plenty of beverages.  There will be plenty of room here with tables and chairs.  ALL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES MUST STAY INSIDE THE COURT HOUSE/TAVERN! 

PRIVATE PARTY - REGIMENT MEMBERS + GUESTS ONLY - Please invite only members of the Regiment and/or your signficant other and family.  The more the merrier!  As this is a private party and we are the host - we will ask for those attending to graciously assist us in one way or another.  Folks can do one of three things here: 1) Come as an invited guest and bring a period beverage or food of their choice and share it with the party, or 2) Come as an invited guest and assist us - the hosts - with setup, entertainment, etc.  Hope this all makes sense.  It's a party and we all want to have fun!  Donations of food and beverages will be accepted wholeheartedly!  In fact - they are strongly encouraged!  If you bring such we want to indicate what the recipe is and the history of it too.  We want this to be a fun event and it is also an event where folks can show off their cooking or other - like brewing talents with everyone! 


4pm - 1st Delawares primarily setup and prepare for event.

5pm-9pm - Party goers arrive and socialize in the tavern and the court house areas

9pm - Event over.  Court House closes.  Cleanup should be done asap.

Additional Information: 

18th CENTURY CIVILIAN ATTIRE PREFERRED - It's 1783 so please do your best for the period.  If you only have military clothing - please wear it but drop the rank and insignia as the war is over now.




No Firearms - no firearms - even period ones - will be permitted at this event.  No sidearms are permitted at this event.  

Swords, daggers, dirks, etc. are not permitted at this event.

We want all to have a wonderful evening of 18th century entertainment! 

Historical Note: On April 15th, 1783 there was a peace celebration on the New Castle Green.  The event was to host the local soldiers who had fought in the American Revolution and to celebrate the oncoming peace with Great Britain and the victory of the American Revolution!  A Mr. John Lyon of White Clay Creek Hundred supplies at the request of the President of the State of Delaware the following: 41 gallons of maderia wine, 49 gallons of port, 21 gallons of rum, sugar and fruit (120), and 212 dinners in New Castle for a celebration.  Nicholas Van Dyke – President of the State of Delaware, Samuel Patterson – Treasurer, David Finney, and Joseph Tatlow are among those that attended this celebration that was held principally for the Officers and Soldiers of the Delaware Regiment then stationed in New Castle. Huzzah!

Huzzah!  What a way to celebrate the Peace and honor the Delaware Regiment and all that fought for the Revolution!

1st Delawares Registered as Attending (Name - Membership Type):

  1. Chris Mlynarczyk - Military - Soldier
  2. Blaise Glowiak - Military - Soldier
  3. Jeff Gibson - Military - Soldier
  4. Alicia Gibson - Civilian
  5. Linzi Hamilton - Civilian 
  6. + Son George
  7. Kevin O'Malley - Military - Soldier
  8. Sheri Gidick - Military - Soldier
  9. Tom DeMott - Military - Soldier 
  10. + Wife Stevie DeMott
  11. John Osborn - Military - Soldier
  12. Heloise Osborn - Civilian - Civilian Head - Coordinator for this Event! ***
  13. Justine Frank - Civilian
  14. Robert Allen - Military - Soldier
  15. Lynn Allen - Civilian
  16. Margot Osmianski - Civilian
  17. Milt Sherman - Military - Soldier
  18. Wilma Tipton - Civilian
  19. Stephanie Billon - Civilian
  20. + Daughter Alexandra
  21. Lynn King - Civilian
  22. Terry Dunham - Military - Soldier
  23. Jennifer Dunham - Civilian
  24. Chris Birely - Military - Soldier
  25. Katie Birely - Civilian
  26. Henry Lewicki - Military - Soldier

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